Thursday, July 15, 2010

Watching over us!

The last time I went to Flagstaff alone with Garrison was a day I will never forget and even if I could forget it David and Garrison will never let me.  We had been going to Flag for about 6 months every week for speech therapy and I had just had a cute little baby and I wasn't getting enough sleep and the afternoon sun was coming in through the window.  Garrison was occupied with a movie, which by the way we had rigged up with a small TV/VCR combination. . .  those were the days. I was soo tired and going 80 miles an hour I dozed off and woke up as my car was heading into the center. . I truly felt like our car had been slowed to a gently stop by the hand of someone who loved us very much.  I normally would have freaked out and over corrected and killed us or someone else.  We were so blessed and all that came of that tired moment was a flat tire and Garrison bumped his head on the side window in the back of the van not hard enough to remember the next day.  Wow. . .

So Flash forward several years to this same combination traveling to flagstaff this time to get immunized for yellow fever and typhoid then to shop till we dropped for mission necessities.  How greatful I am for those few hours I got to spend with Garrison.  He has turned into such an amazing person.  He has a quiet confidence that I admire so much.  Garrison loves the Lord and his savior Jesus Christ and wants more than anything to serve a mission.  He is going somewhere that I am a little nervous to send him and I probably wouldn't be able to handle it except for the fact that I know that his Heavenly Father has called him to be in Brazil at this time to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lives of all those who will listen and except it!

I am soooo greatful for the tender mercy of all those years ago as our car was gently slowed and our lives were spared.  Thank you Heavenly Father for watching over us!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cuiaba', Brazil

Garrison has been called to serve in the Cuiaba' Brazil Mission and he leaves from the Show Low Airport on September 7th and 8:30 am.  Brazil is so far away and the mom in me can't stand the thought of just putting him on an airplane and then off he goes to a foreign country.  I am sure glad that he will have the Lord as his protector and guide!  Time for faith to kick in.  I never realized how hard it is to be a parent of a missionary.  I am going to miss him so intesnely.  I know that a mission is such a blessing in his life and that of his future family that I will sacrifice and let him go.  He is sooooo excited to go!  I am so proud of his decision and am very thankful that he has a testimony!  He has several friends that have their calls and I have a firm testimony of the importance of good friends in our lives.   So my Tender Mercy today is the good friends in Garrisons life to help him get to this point of being ready to serve a mission.  I love you Garrison.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little love and understanding.

Even after exhibiting poor behavior and acting with a very mean demeanor to my children yesterday, I still received an abundance of hugs and I loves you's as they left the house to go face their world. They seem to sense that I was not my usual self. How I appreciate their love and concern and kindness; when non was given to them by me.

This causes me to reflect on my life and actions. I am not proud of the times I anger too quickly, judge to harshly or get annoyed at simple actions. I want to be more than I am now and be better than I have been, because of them.

I have the most amazing children who teach me what it means to be compassionate, to love unconditionally, to forgive instantaneously and to give hope in tommorrow.

Because of my wonderful children my sadness is replaced by joy, my understanding is increased and my sanity restored. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So it has been a very long time since I have blogged. I don't have a cute site because I don't know how, but my cousin erica, has promised to help cutify my blog soon I hope. We had such a fun time this weekend doing girly stuff and enjoying relaxing. Karli got just a little board, but we kept her pretty busy (other way a round probably)

My tender Mercy is my daughter. Karli has such an excitement for life and she talks ALL the time, which by the way I love, but don't tell her that she thinks it makes me crazy. If she knew I secretly love to hear her gibber gabber all the time she would probably stop. My daughter has to be the sweetest, most fun person to be around. I am so lucky to have a daughter and a friend all rolled into one.

Karli has so many terrific qualities that I am in awe of her. She is brilliant, funny, creative, talented, brave, kind, loving, boisterous, energetic, good, modest, giggly, spiritual, sensitive. . . and the list goes on. So my blog entry is dedicated to Karli and all her wonderfulness! I love you sis!


Your MOM!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A fall full of firsts

My blog has been neglected, but I'm baaaaaack again. I feel so blessed to have such a good teenager. He is so respectful and loving and fun to be around! Garrison turned 16 in July and our lives have moved into overdrive. Varsity football, dating and driving. I have to admit I like the fact that he can drive. Infact tonight I called him and had him bring me home a sonic drink and I didn't even have to leave the house. He is so wonderful.

It was so exciting to be a part of the football season as the booster club president, but mostly that was because I got to spend a lot more time with my teenager than I normally would. He doesn't even get embarassed when I'm around WOW! I feel so fortunate that I have such a great person in my life. He truly is a joy!

Now the girl thing! That is a concern, because he is so darn cute, they tend to hang around him alot. (not that he minds) but I'd like them to wait until after his mission to show interest.

This parenting thing is full of surprises. Some scary, some worrisome and some a lot of fun. What a tender mercy to have such a great son!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I guess I'm doing okay afterall!

I have been struggling with my feelings of inadequacy as a parent lately and I have really felt like I have been less than a good mom. But Sunday, after spending an entire week together 24/7 with my entire family, all of my children expressed the desire to stay home with me and not go back to school the next day. Now I am not so naive to think I was their soul reason, I mean weigh the options, school or vacation? What I did feel was their sincere desire to be with me and that they like to be around me and that I am not doing such a bad job as a parent after all!

This has caused me to also reflect on a conversation with my 15 year old who had been so busy with school and sports and church activities that I had hardly seen him the whole week. When we finally had a few minutes together he put his arms around my shoulder and said, "mom I've missed you, I have been so busy I've hardly seen you this whole week." That was a tender mercy, this 15 year that is pulling away and becoming a man, is still able to recognize our relationship and that I am a part of his life.

My little girl that said "I never want to leave you, I love spending time with you." My five year old that clings to my neck for dear life, not wanting me to leave him at school after a 2 week break. My 14 year old that comes to my room and just wants to talk, even if it is sometimes way past time to be asleep. Or my 10 year old that still just runs in for a hug every so often.

I guess if my kids still want to be near me I am not as bad as I thought. Today, I am grateful for the tender mercy from my heavenly father letting me know you are doing all right. The tender mercy given me through loving children, that teach me how to show my feelings. How humbled and grateful I am for each of them.

Friday, March 23, 2007

To My Mother!

One of the most amazing tender mercy's my heavenly father has given me in this life is my angel mother. She see's a need and responds to it. She seeks out the positive in situations and in people, and in doing so, brings out the best in others.

Just this week my mother called me and wanted to come help me get ready for our trip to Mexico. We spent most of the day busying our selves with tasks around the house with two sick kids in the morning(needs,needs,needs) and the same two that felt much better in the afternoon(energy,energy,energy). She has so much patience and love for my children that I am constantly amazed. During our day we had several good "interupted" conversations, how I long for more. I don't spend near enough time with my parents, something I miss and regret alot.
I remember we'd go visit my grandparents and days at a time were spent solely together, visiting, playing, preparing meals, going to swapmeets. Quality and quantity. Maybe living so close has caused us to spend less time together because we take our relationships for granted.

Telling someone you love them is very important. But showing them, working along side them, spending time with them, sitting on the porch and drinking lemonade, that is vital and a past-time nearly forgotten, with email, phones, and the many "good" opportunities we have our children involved in. Oh where is the balance. . . (Another story, another blog!!!)

Therein lies my quest: in search of a better life, a life simplified. Thank you mom for all you do, all you are and all you inspire in me. I love you

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